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Gas vs. E85: Power and Pros & Cons - Engine Masters Ep. 30. MotorTrend.

On this episode of Engine Masters presented by AMSOIL, we test the power differences between 118-octane race gas and Rockett Brand E85 ethanol-blended fuel. There’s a lot more to just the horsepower curve, though, as we test Holley’s out-of-the-box carburetor tunes, discuss other tuning differences, and go over a long list of other considerations you should make if you’re planning a changeover to E85. While the ethanol blend can be used for a variety of different engine designs, the test here focuses on a naturally aspirated, high-compression engine making 750 horsepower. Can you drive an engine like this on the street with E85 and save money on fuel? Find out on this episode of Engine Masters, which is supported by Earl’s Vapor Guard hose (specifically made to endure ethanol fuels), Mr. Gasket, Auto Meter, Permatex, and Summit Racing.
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Теги: 118-octane race gas, Rockett Brand E85 ethanol-blended fuel, fuel review, performance comparison, tech tips

Gas vs. E85: Power and Pros & Cons - Engine Masters Ep. 30

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ImpactJunky 05.02.2018 20:34
What marketing genius thought it would be a good idea to run a Hyundai commercial in front of Roadkill/Engine Masters?
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BROKEN GARAGE 07.02.2018 03:06
E85 is changing the tuning world in Australia, has been for years now.
Please revisit this test with a boosted motor! More timing, more boost, all while having a safer cooler engine. (just don't leave a tank full sitting for extended periods of time). There is ways around that too, most people in Australia run a flex fuel sensor / tune on an ecu that supports it, meaning you can drive it on the street and not worry about not being able to find e85, because you can run 98 (91? in america) also and be on your way. In aus we are running e85 in daily driven cars!

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sen mi noods
sen mi noods 05.02.2018 22:46
think they noticed the fuck up at the end yet?
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rocketmanpj 11.02.2018 16:38
E85 is NOT methanol and does not affect or corrode aluminum!!!! Stop the myth and get your facts straight. I've had E85 in my uncoated aluminum fuel cell for three years and it looks perfect inside.
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Philip W
Philip W 05.02.2018 23:13
E85 smells great! You guys are way off 😋
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abc 123
abc 123 06.02.2018 10:52
e85 vs race gas? Well this is a waste of time for the majority. Always looking forward to EM/HRG/RK, but not even 3 minutes in and I'm done here. :(
This test should have been Pump Gas vs Pump E85/Control E70 vs Control E85 and tested on a boosted engine and a street friendly or low compression NA engine.
That would show the benefits of ethanol content in a knock limited scenario and a potentially non knock limited scenario.

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Adam Opheim
Adam Opheim 06.02.2018 17:52
Love this series! Here’s a few ethanol facts you guys may have missed.

You remove timing with E85, not add it. It burns faster. You’ll make Max Brake Torque with less advance on E85 VS race gas. This is proven.

Pump E50 VS E85 have basically the same octane ratings. It’s not 105! So worrying about E70 VS E85 at the pump is pointless performance wise. If you don’t ping on pump E85, it’s not gonna ping on E70 or even E60.

E85 RON/MON = 101.5/90.1 E50 RON/MON is 101.5/89.5 SO looking at overall octane difference of 95.6 VS 95.8 octane. This is as tested at pump… Not using race gas blends.

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Nick C
Nick C 05.02.2018 22:44
whats timing? How do you adjust that? I'd guess the ignition timing?
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road2rage 05.02.2018 13:57
I'd love to see a comparison of old obscure carburetors.
"The flying toilet"
"Predator Carburetors"

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Billy Jean Huetzelmann
Billy Jean Huetzelmann 07.02.2018 06:35
What about a E85 vs pump gas with water/meth injection vs E85 and water/meth injection? That would be a interesting video!
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*Atimatik Army*
*Atimatik Army* 06.02.2018 15:02
How could anyone thumbs down this video.... a damn good review and very info rich. Thumbs up.
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1992M1L0 05.02.2018 17:31
Do flex fuel vehicles overcome all the cons Freiburger stated at the end the way they come from the factory?
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Tiresmoke7 05.02.2018 22:09
I have been bracket racing on E85 for 7 years and have not experienced 1 of their downsides yet. Still running the same fuel lines and pump. I do remove and clean the carb every time I am done racing.
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Nathan Gebben
Nathan Gebben 05.02.2018 14:19
Please do a boosted E85 comparison to gas. Boost + e85
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Jeremy 06.02.2018 06:48
E85 is generally not cheaper. Cheaper per gallon, sure, but you have to burn so much more of it that it tends to cost more per mile than the real stuff
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AlexCoronaPhoto 05.02.2018 16:30
Fontana has E85 all day...it's right next door to me(Riverside) and Im right next door to Westech(Mira Loma).
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AlexCoronaPhoto 05.02.2018 16:21
We dont care about race gas versus E85, we wanted pump gas. Who cares if its E70, still valid. MCM did an episode on it and showed perfectly how to tune for it . Once again showed up by the Aussies.
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Orlando Furioso
Orlando Furioso 08.02.2018 19:12
Apparently the not-so-subtle subliminal message is that E85 stinks. It does not, olfactorily or metaphorically. Freiburger does a disservice by garnishing internet "facts" and picking a position without enough practical experience. How about a test with pump E85 vs. racing fuel? Also, how about putting to rest the myth of ethanol corrosion, by putting ethanol and all the distinct gasoline chemicals (benzene, hexane, naphthalene, trimethylbenzene, toluene, xylene) in different aluminum containers and actually measure corrosion caused by each? Whiskey (alcohol) does not appear to be any more corrosive than beer that is still sold in aluminum cans last time I checked. "Like" if you actually have used E85 and like the way it smells (I know I do!).
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UncommonManFromEarth 05.02.2018 12:00
I daily drive a 2004 Audi Allroad 2.7t Biturbo remapped to 300Bhp on E85. I love E85, makes a lot of power and in France it's dirt cheap.  It costs me almost as much to daily drive this as my old 1.9 TDI Passat!
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WikdSeafood 05.02.2018 20:13
I've heard that E85 is hard to find in some areas. Personally, I'd stick with pump gas. Also, I'd like to see a test of aftermarket octane boosters and the like. I've heard that they don't do a thing, and some are actually bad for your engine.
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Mark 05.02.2018 23:25
Now I know, e85 smells like dirty socks. Good one Steve funny 😄.
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The Tranny Shop
The Tranny Shop 05.02.2018 23:36
Interesting. Was looking into swapping an EJ25 into my VW and running it on E85. That said, would be nice to see a bit more variety in engines. Domestic V8s are cool, but they are not for everyone or every application. Of course I can understand why they don't show imports, tends to turn people into triggered snowflakes.
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ReverendBow 07.02.2018 19:25
I have been running pump E85 in my 240SX KA24DEfor 11 years now. It isn't a boosted motor, just NA with cams, Intake, Header, Exhaust, etc... that only thing I modified was 30% larger injectors. I've never Dynoed it, but it pulls a lot hard throughout the RPM range. Never lost a fuel Hose, corroded the Intake, and it doesn't stink, it smells like... Booze...
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Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage
Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage 05.02.2018 11:35
Been looking forward to this one. Conclusion? Iron heads with boost and mechanical fuel pump is the way to go apparently
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Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook 06.02.2018 05:35
Awesome episode!
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