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How to Build a Cheap Engine - Roadkill Extra. MotorTrend.

Sometimes we do things the right way, other times we build what we can get away with. You need to know a little of both options in order to successfully build a cheap engine, and on this Roadkill Extra, Steve Dulcich gives you pointers on how to get that balance just right.
As you watch, cruise over to Facebook.com/RoadkillShow, follow us, and watch for future posts asking for your questions to be answered on the Q&A sessions that are posted every Friday on Roadkill Extra Powered by Dodge.

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How to Build a Cheap Engine - Roadkill Extra

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Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson 03.02.2018 14:23
150HP. How do they get so little out of such a big engine?!
Лайки: 71
Leekautorepair 03.02.2018 13:08
I'm sticking with a gm LS block......It's simple
Лайки: 31
GoogleSucks 03.02.2018 12:24
The late 80s to early 90s or magnum swirl port heads are cheap, flow pretty good and have a smaller combustion chamber to bump up compression with stock pistons. I would start with a pre-magnum early 90s 360 they have factory roller cams.
Лайки: 24
Rich Piana's Oil Distribution Manager
Rich Piana's Oil Distribution Manager 03.02.2018 11:40
Step one:Throw 10 grand in the engine and keep everything else stock
Лайки: 42
Jeff Parris
Jeff Parris 03.02.2018 14:58
Dulcich has really grown in this role. Or maybe I've really grown to respect his insight. Awesome dude.
Лайки: 49
Death NWO
Death NWO 03.02.2018 12:46
Killer. 👍🏻 🇦🇺
Лайки: 7
aj2674 03.02.2018 11:53
Who is this mad scientist?
Лайки: 23
Swen Masterson
Swen Masterson 03.02.2018 11:53
Love that Dulcich gets into a lot of MT videos
Лайки: 25
ROY FERNTORP 03.02.2018 14:01
As a fan of 318's and 265's I love this. Here in Australia, the 245/265 always out-performed the 318. We always wanted the 340 but it was rare. Still is. There were 3 different versions of the 318. Truck engine, family car and Charger.
Лайки: 10
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 03.02.2018 15:11
Professor Steve Dulcich is the man!!!
Лайки: 16
theravedaddy 03.02.2018 15:40
Does anyone else get bugged when you see garages with unpainted plasterboard? You put it up, you plastered over the nails n sanded it.......PAINT IT!
Лайки: 14
Desert Mike DIY
Desert Mike DIY 03.02.2018 12:41
Go Steve !!
Лайки: 10
WTFtube 03.02.2018 12:13
send me that motor
Лайки: 7
Moe Par
Moe Par 03.02.2018 12:14
I think you guys should start putting Roadkill Garage on Youtube now.
Лайки: 160
davend530 03.02.2018 13:44
In Cali a 318 w/340 head's was a "Bogus 340." Haven't heard that in a while.
Лайки: 6
Nicke's Lego site
Nicke's Lego site 03.02.2018 11:45
How about making it a 318 twinturbo?
Лайки: 8
Theurban Robinhood
Theurban Robinhood 03.02.2018 16:23
Yay Dulcich! The best extras imo.
Лайки: 5
Goomer 03.02.2018 13:20
I had a 318 in my 67 Charger in High School, it was slow, but what a great car.
Лайки: 12
Anupam S1000RR
Anupam S1000RR 03.02.2018 12:39
Лайки: 5
baha jarrar
baha jarrar 03.02.2018 11:49
Dears Roadkill,
in you episode with the title (Battle of Budget Boost! Centrifugal vs. Roots, Paxton vs. Weiand - Engine Masters Ep. 8 ) you used the Paxton package and the Weiand package, and the Paxton is similar to the Turbo but not using the exhaust for generating the boost, i wander, if you could use both packages together as in some cars those using a turbo charger & supercharger on the same time? please advice if it can be done, and if it could, i think we would love to see that in you next episodes.

Лайки: 3
ImpactJunky 03.02.2018 21:23
I really hate to disagree with Dulcich but the 318 never seemed to fall short of it's 230HP rating. In fact I always thought the factory rating was a bit conservative. I had a 273 V8 and 904 3 speed auto in my 68 Satellite for years, any time a 5.0 Mustang pulled up next to me I had a guaranteed win coming as long as they had an automatic and I still had a fighting chance if they weren't good with a stick. LA series small block Mopars don't make much HP but they do make decent torque with about 300 foot pounds out of the 273 and a rather impressive 350 foot pounds out of the 318.
Лайки: 9
Morte Parla
Morte Parla 03.02.2018 11:45
Easy. 1: buy junkyard 318 in good condition.
2: buy dremmel, port and polish exhaust ports, and only port intake (non polish).
3: buy cheap Edelbrock intake.
4: buy cheap Edelbrock 4bbl
5: buy headers
6: buy quality spark plugs wires & spark plugs.
7: buy Comp xe264h cam

Easy 320-340hp out of a 318, for around $1,200

Лайки: 55
Acca Larentia
Acca Larentia 03.02.2018 12:24
My dream car it s an American full size car with a huge blown big block V8.. like the crasher Impala!
Лайки: 5
Jesse Gallarzo
Jesse Gallarzo 03.02.2018 14:32
this is an interesting piece that might suggest an entirely different segment. Perhaps one that goes over some of the less appealing motors from various families and what solutions there are for making them into powerhouses. Dyno graphs and testing would be an awesome addition too!
Лайки: 2
Calin B.
Calin B. 03.02.2018 12:26
man americans love v8's...
Лайки: 149

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