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1,300 Miles in the "Disgustang" Junkyard Mach 1! - Roadkill Ep. 73. MotorTrend.

One of the most popular Roadkill shows of 2017 was Episode 66, where David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan pulled a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 out of Colorado Auto & Parts, a junkyard where the iconic muscle car had been sitting unused since 1980. Getting it running and driving for some big action was fun, but there was one thing lacking: the road trip. It’s time to fix that! The Mustang now known as the Disgustang sat ignored for many more months until the start of this episode where the guys planned to head north from California to the DirtFish Rally School nearly 1,300 miles away. This is Roadkill, so you can guess how far they made it before catastrophic failure—but you also know that Roadkill is virtually unstoppable, so eventually the trip becomes an epic drive with visits to gearhead destinations, including junkyards and an abandoned dragstrip. See it all in this episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge.
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Теги: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, muscle car restorations, ultimate road trip, Disgustang, modifications, how to install, engine swap, offroading, the boat-car

1,300 Miles in the

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Hugh Jafro
Hugh Jafro 03.02.2018 03:21
“Go around, we’re broke down. Don’t you watch the show?” LMAO
Лайки: 553
this space left intentionally blank
this space left intentionally blank 03.02.2018 14:51
FINALLY....a REAL roadkill!!!!....this show was indispensable for it technical info on how to wrap a proper skirt on a drafty cold road trip....ROADKILL IS BACK!!!!!
Лайки: 333
King Whispa
King Whispa 03.02.2018 22:50
Proper Roadkilll video ❤
Лайки: 95
Doug Mare
Doug Mare 03.02.2018 18:50
How many cars can be filthy, rusty, missing a hood, and sun-baked to ruin...yet still look better than 98% of the traffic around them? Ford really knocked it out of the park with the '69 Mach 1.
Лайки: 197
Rafael Santos_7
Rafael Santos_7 02.02.2018 11:54
Perfect Upload time, to eat and watch another awesome video of RoadKill.
Лайки: 468
Skyline Fabrication
Skyline Fabrication 03.02.2018 02:31
I know exactly how that car ended up in the junkyard. I know this from experience of working in a junkyard. The car was sitting in someone's yard, the owner was unavailable for whatever reason, and someone who cares more about knitting a sweater called up the local junkyard and said "hey, I've got this old car, I don't know what it is nor care, can you come get it out of here"
Лайки: 66
Yang Hu
Yang Hu 03.02.2018 07:53
I'm a Chinese from China (not American Chinese who grow up in a neighborhood where is full of V8 monster). I had no idea about cars before, and I even didn't like cars, especially the european things. They are the smybol of corruption in where I'm from. The Roadkill makes me so get into the American car. Becasue that, I got a 2012 V6 Mustang for my first car. The feeling of the day when I drove it back home was like having sex with my first girlfriend. My friends who drives Japanese economy cars laughs at me. All of my Asian girl friends hate my Mustang, but I just don't care at all. I really wish you guys can restore the Mach 1. I wish I can own one in my life. If nobody tries to restore them, there will be nothing left in futrue.
Лайки: 73
chru cas
chru cas 10.02.2018 21:45
Please don't destroy this wonderful and rare automobil, it's worth to be saved an restored.
Лайки: 13
Brgnalf81 03.02.2018 13:59
What's with the hats 24/7 ? Are the guys getting bald? :D
Лайки: 26
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang 03.02.2018 02:07
It would be cool to see someone restore that old dragstrip. Keeping that awesome tower would be great too. Sad to watch it rot away
Лайки: 35
Brandon Evans
Brandon Evans 03.02.2018 03:03
The old one tire fire, the one wheel peel, the one turn burn
Лайки: 28
Martin La Grange
Martin La Grange 04.02.2018 01:59
A new scientific unit measure of mechanical torque - the Steve Dulicich ! Awesome !
Лайки: 22
Jake Heinkel
Jake Heinkel 03.02.2018 08:12
A series where they get a car go on a roadtrip to small time shops that wanna help. And they piece by piece rebuild a car spending a day or two at each shop meet new people and rebuild a car as much as possible. That would be cool.
Лайки: 18
Hostile 02.02.2018 12:18
My junk is ready.
Лайки: 117
Arkajyoti Sen
Arkajyoti Sen 03.02.2018 06:03
why they half ass everything?
Лайки: 3
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby 03.02.2018 03:59
Cast iron log manifolds.....NOOOOOOO!!!!
Лайки: 15
Mental Sid
Mental Sid 03.02.2018 17:07
LMAO!!! Loved this Ep. All tho I was drunk when I watched it!!!!!!! Scotand !!
Лайки: 9
Steven Bauer
Steven Bauer 03.02.2018 03:05
You're not giving the Rotsun another chance to fail?
Лайки: 10
Ecks Dee
Ecks Dee 05.02.2018 03:41
You guys are my inspiration, thank you.
Лайки: 11
Travuto 乡,
Travuto 乡, 03.02.2018 04:32
Лайки: 9
ZEN HQGAMING 03.02.2018 05:32
i would like to buy that 69 mach 1 from you too pleas
Лайки: 7
Chad ODO
Chad ODO 03.02.2018 22:22
Totally uninterested in installing this right now
Лайки: 6
79tazman 02.02.2018 11:34
Road Kill Finally some early Morning porn to get the day started :)
Лайки: 260
vincent james
vincent james 04.02.2018 02:43
The RUSTANG rides again..with all that dirt and oil and brake fluid leaks..who can small the poop and other stuff left behind from the wildlife that was living in that car for 30 years in the junk yard!!!LOL
Лайки: 5
festerallday 04.02.2018 04:35
I'd like it better if they spaced all the shows to get one weekly. Instead of getting HotRod Garage, Dirt Every Day, Roadkill, etc all at once at the beginning of each month.
Лайки: 6

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