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Hack the C10 Market! Longbed to Shortbed DIY Conversion! - Hot Rod Garage Ep. 60. MotorTrend.

On this episode of HOT ROD Garage presented by Lincoln Tech, Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa dive into the red-hot C10 truck market and show you how to build a killer shortbed truck on a longbed budget! Watch the guys cut, shorten, and weld a longbed C10 into a sweet shorty using a Brothers Trucks kit and bed parts. Then they turn their new shortbed C10 into a killer handling machine using the brand-new QA1 complete suspension system.
HOT ROD Garage appears every other Thursday on the Motor Trend channel. http://www.youtube.com/motortrend
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Теги: project build vehicle, tech tips, how to install, custom street truck, upgrades, hints for frame modification, install custom suspension

Hack the C10 Market! Longbed to Shortbed DIY Conversion! - Hot Rod Garage Ep. 60

Топовые комментарии:

Justanother fancy screenname
Justanother fancy screenname 01.02.2018 14:12
Lucky - 2018 "Are you sure we have to do this just to rotate the tires???".
Лайки: 362
cheftush 01.02.2018 23:32
Lucky for President!
Лайки: 81
Trevor Kerr
Trevor Kerr 01.02.2018 13:25
That's a good ass bolt...
Лайки: 88
zurc palacios
zurc palacios 01.02.2018 11:54
First I loved the muscle truck n now I fuckin love this c10 damm you hotrod garage....
Лайки: 80
Evan Dickerson
Evan Dickerson 01.02.2018 14:52
c10 vs crown hick?
Лайки: 46
Jim O'Rourke
Jim O'Rourke 01.02.2018 11:30
been waiting for this!!
Лайки: 30
Jesse Henry
Jesse Henry 01.02.2018 15:41
I was hoping you would keep it a long bed when I first saw it, but thanks for at least saving a nice clean long box and not chopping it
Лайки: 25
RDS Alphard
RDS Alphard 01.02.2018 13:07
I have a question, why do people want shortbed?
Лайки: 115
robert hollis
robert hollis 01.02.2018 16:33
Lmfao luckys face when u said u didnt get a 2nd kit... hahahaha priceless
Лайки: 18
sik59rt 01.02.2018 16:06
That’s awesome someone makes a kit and parts to do the conversion. Makes me wanting to do a project even more.
Лайки: 7
volkscom 01.02.2018 13:29
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Лайки: 25
Victor Parra
Victor Parra 01.02.2018 15:39
I think Stacy David did it better, but this was faster
Лайки: 49
ChrisHallett83 02.02.2018 08:15
Thankfully there aren't too many people crying in the comments about "you ruined a good long bed truck!" or "why not restore it to original condition?!?"

A little basic common sense will answer that for you - Chevy (and GMC) made MILLIONS of these trucks over the years. If only 1 in 10 still exists, that's hundreds of thousands of trucks. If only 1 in 10 of THOSE is salvageable, that's still tens of thousands of vehicles. They're not rare, or special. Crying about cutting one of these up is like crying about cutting up a 1997 Toyota Camry.

Лайки: 9
The Messenger
The Messenger 02.02.2018 00:47
Whether you're short bed or long bed, I think everyone can agree C10s are badass.
Лайки: 6
Brady Newman
Brady Newman 01.02.2018 16:05
Should of never Cut it Up
Лайки: 6
LT7 Automotive
LT7 Automotive 02.02.2018 08:01
Good show fellas, but you should get a longer sawzall blade.
Лайки: 5
Adam Payne
Adam Payne 01.02.2018 14:27
Seems odd to have left the old steering gear in it when there are rack and pinion kits available. Maybe rack and pinions don't work with the QA1 stuff? Not to mention leaving that old, mystery small block seemed to disagree with making the truck handle and look cool.
Лайки: 0
AgnotologyTV 01.02.2018 14:57
no camshaft? no tune ? Disappointing.
Лайки: 6
Black Box
Black Box 01.02.2018 17:04
LUCKY Wear you some hearing protection, you gonna go deaf.....
Лайки: 10
Aaron Li
Aaron Li 01.02.2018 11:59
As someone who’s not from the US, what’s the advantage of a shortbed over a longbed?
Лайки: 11
Harry Stewart
Harry Stewart 02.02.2018 01:23
Drink every time Tony says "this thing". Just don't drive after the episode.
Лайки: 3
Gotham's Knight
Gotham's Knight 01.02.2018 22:55
Can we all agree step sides are the best looking
Лайки: 3
mike s
mike s 02.02.2018 01:49
At least the long bed box didn't get chopped up...
Лайки: 2
Dale Subic
Dale Subic 01.02.2018 13:36
I still do not understand why you would lower a truck.
Лайки: 5
Jesús 01.02.2018 19:46
I like this real man thing. Not the invasion of "Tesla Review" "Electric are the future?" in YouTube.
Лайки: 5

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