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Dulcich Joyride: The Giant D300 - Roadkill Extra. MotorTrend.

Not every vehicle around the Roadkill Garage estate is a burnout-ripping monster, as you’ll see when you witness this road-test and meet-and-greet with one of Steve Dulcich’s favorite farm trucks: the Dodge D300 with Slant Six power. It may not be fast, but as you’ll see, you can love a vehicle for what it is and what it does for you. Check it out on this installment of the Dulcich Joyride on Roadkill Extra.
As you watch, cruise over to Facebook.com/RoadkillShow, follow us, and watch for future posts asking for your questions to be answered on the Q&A sessions that are posted every Friday on Roadkill Extra Powered by Dodge.

Теги: Roadkill Garage, Roadkill Project Truck, 1963 Dodge D300 Dually, road tested, Slant Six power, truck history, vintage truck

Dulcich Joyride: The Giant D300 - Roadkill Extra

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Wildcat Channel
Wildcat Channel 14.01.2018 06:40
We finally get to see the steering wheel trick they used in old movie's car scenes
Лайки: 30
David Hill
David Hill 14.01.2018 18:10
Brakes , who needs em they just slow you down .
Лайки: 16
moparedtn 13.01.2018 11:57
Oh man, I absolutely LOVE Dulcich's truck!
Reminds me of my dad's ol' '66 Ford baby dump truck. Drove that  thing, exhaust leaks and no brakes, holes in the floor and all, from MD to TN. Good Lord.
It carried about 5 tons of gravel and you had to plan your stops well in advance. :-)

Лайки: 169
livin lite
livin lite 14.01.2018 01:56
That's an awesome old truck with a slant 6.
Лайки: 8
Jayaram G
Jayaram G 13.01.2018 12:19
The D300 & Dulcich kinda match personalities. Rickety and may go anytime but still 'functional'
Лайки: 85
Shane Gonzalez
Shane Gonzalez 13.01.2018 12:53
Despite some negative people, I love road kill, I love the vids, I love the no filter of problems. Keep up the grunge guys I get it :)
Лайки: 45
Hani Bishai
Hani Bishai 13.01.2018 13:37
"In lieu of brakes, I'm gonna use some down-shifting action." CLASSIC Dulcich!
Лайки: 34
Mr Frog
Mr Frog 13.01.2018 13:13
I've been a Ford guy for the last 45 years, but you gotta love the 225 and 318 Mopars. I worked in a tune up shop in the 80's and we did a lot of those. A decent tune up and oil change and those things were BULLETPROOF! Had lots of the creeper 1st NP transmissions. You CAN powershift them up, but never down into 1st. Trust me Dulcich , you really don't NEED shocks. That's a very cool truck.
Лайки: 9
OldRed91 13.01.2018 14:49
Perfectly reliable vehicles are no fun to drive anyway!
Лайки: 10
xxTyphoid 13.01.2018 14:02
Dulcich let's smoke some joints and drink beer
Лайки: 8
Melon Rain
Melon Rain 14.01.2018 04:42
Dulchich... I want to see that slant 6 on Engine Masters...do it...DO IT! ...please. Thank you.
Лайки: 8
AlexCoronaPhoto 13.01.2018 16:57
Best reviewer ever! No bs just straight to what the common man wants to know about.
Лайки: 5
Mike L.
Mike L. 14.01.2018 01:40
Dulcich, best character in Roadkill universe.
Лайки: 5
J. Dana Clark
J. Dana Clark 13.01.2018 12:25
When dodge actually built a work truck.
Лайки: 35
LaPabst 13.01.2018 12:51
Breaks?! We don't need no stinkin' breaks! "So is this the new Stevemobile or what??,,,, Fix the lighter."
Лайки: 2
davidking3311 14.01.2018 06:20
Dulcich getting all the love on You Tube, bout time ...!!!
Лайки: 5
Austin L. Wright
Austin L. Wright 13.01.2018 16:29
“Lacks some of the luxury of a contemporary truck”. LMAO.
Лайки: 5
SSbigblock454 13.01.2018 16:13
Steve, Your left rear wheel cylinder is leaking.
Лайки: 5
Jacob Coffelt
Jacob Coffelt 13.01.2018 12:04
Thats a pretty badass old truck. Love my d100 and miss my w250
Лайки: 5
EE DESIGN 13.01.2018 17:11
Landfill? You don't have recycling? Damn a true 3rd world country.
Лайки: 12
Shane Singleton
Shane Singleton 13.01.2018 15:19
So I saw Dulcich in the title and clicked almost as a reflex action. Was worth it. Now I need to find myself a truck, possibly a dually, with a 4-spd.. lol.
Лайки: 78
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 13.01.2018 12:33
"And the brakes, as you can see, are pretty much non-functional..." ...holds it to floor through 5000 RPMs and speed shifts into 3rd...

I love Dulcich.

Лайки: 288
Tony Arguello
Tony Arguello 13.01.2018 12:36
I see Dodge still hasn’t fixed the steering play on their trucks lol
Лайки: 47
James Hebert
James Hebert 13.01.2018 12:39
Why not bring the metal to a scrap yard and get cash for it all??
Лайки: 10
Tre Butterman
Tre Butterman 13.01.2018 12:32
Good vibes in that video. Dulcich is pretty cool.
Лайки: 69

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