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10,000-Pound Trailer-Tow Obstacle Course - Diesel Power Challenge 2017. MotorTrend.

Diesel Power Challenge 2017 Presented by XDP’s nine reader-selected contenders compete against 2016 champ Charlie Keeter, in an event designed to assess each driver’s skill. On the obstacle course, the spotlight shifts from a truck’s go-fast prowess to the driver’s ability to navigate a coned-off, CDL-style training circuit while maneuvering with a 10,000-pound tractor-carrying trailer in tow. Completing the course with the quickest time can help a driver inch closer to claiming the overall DPC title.
Starting October 9th, 2017, 2017, host Brian Lohnes takes you through our weeklong torture test that features 6 competitive events, 10 trucks, and 23,172.2 combined horsepower and torque at the rear wheels. We push Cummins-, Duramax-, and Power Stroke–powered trucks well beyond their limits in this search for the ultimate street-legal diesel truck and driver.
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Теги: street-legal diesel truck, obstacle course, trailer tow event, driver’s skill, competitive events, performance driving

10,000-Pound Trailer-Tow Obstacle Course - Diesel Power Challenge 2017

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audioh0lic 12.10.2017 16:52
Mike showed everyone who's boss! Using the mirrors like a pro does it.
Лайки: 58
01trsmar 13.10.2017 00:54
Boring !!!

I see faster driving and more obstacle dodging at the local Home Depo parking lot !! lol !

*Pretty neat challenge,never seen it before !

Лайки: 28
Diesel Media
Diesel Media 12.10.2017 16:46
First this I see , southern wheelboys with no seatbelt and a heavy load. This screems lawsuit
Лайки: 55
Tom Gabriele
Tom Gabriele 12.10.2017 16:31
Logged into youtube for my habitual lunchtime video watching, saw this was posted 18 seconds ago. That worked out nicely.
Лайки: 61
Jm4c93 12.10.2017 16:35
This segment shows a driver's TRUE skill with their truck. This is why it's my favorite!
Лайки: 54
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage 12.10.2017 19:27
Would have loved to see the ‘95 Dodge run in this, I guess the engine was cooked... It could have done very well being a smaller single cab truck...
Лайки: 6
tim 13.10.2017 02:26
Rolling coal is gay like if you agree
Лайки: 25
El Chupanibre
El Chupanibre 12.10.2017 22:04
>builds a dually diesel truck
>has absolutely no grasp on the concept of backing a trailer

Лайки: 24
LEPLA13 12.10.2017 23:08
I drive semi trucks for a living and this was embarrassing to watch
Лайки: 20
Mustafa 12.10.2017 19:25
so many different kinds of butthurts in the comment section XD
Лайки: 19
James Jay
James Jay 12.10.2017 18:52
Has there once been an update on the total standings?! Or I have missed it?

Why does motor trend half ass this series so much? This is such a cool competition yet they somehow make these videos boring as hell and cant even give the video enough info.

Лайки: 8
AimlessMoto 12.10.2017 19:13
Next up.. the most boring motorsport conceived. SO boring the commentator had to use "broken dreams" and "Cinderella story" more than once.
Лайки: 66
Cook'n W/ Curry
Cook'n W/ Curry 12.10.2017 16:43
Bunkelman killed it!!!!
Лайки: 9
Sam Fisher 47
Sam Fisher 47 12.10.2017 19:48
This is more American than NASCAR....
Лайки: 11
StarMan 2018
StarMan 2018 12.10.2017 16:43
How would stock trucks do in this ?
Лайки: 7
Ram1500 Malligo
Ram1500 Malligo 12.10.2017 16:32
Watching this in science class
Лайки: 7
Igor Vladimirovich
Igor Vladimirovich 12.10.2017 16:31
Favorite challenge
Лайки: 7
thethePete 13.10.2017 01:04
If you can't drive/back a trailer and you drive a truck like this... you shouldn't be driving one. Also... If you can't do it with your mirrors, you can't do it.
Лайки: 5
Cameron Barrett
Cameron Barrett 12.10.2017 21:06
lets buy a big ass dually just to show that we cant back up a simple 16ft trailer
Лайки: 32
ColinAllanPhoto 13.10.2017 10:17
Лайки: 4
Ehyea 13.10.2017 08:18
Лайки: 4
Ricardo Smith
Ricardo Smith 13.10.2017 07:54
Лайки: 4
Seb Fiola
Seb Fiola 13.10.2017 07:24
Лайки: 4
Javier_g177 13.10.2017 08:06
Лайки: 4
Bobby Thursby
Bobby Thursby 13.10.2017 08:56
Лайки: 4

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