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1934 Duesenberg Hot Rod - Jay Leno's Garage. Watch online.

Dave Blake shares an important piece of hot rod history -- a Duesenberg Hot Rod built in 1947 that won the first nationally sanctioned SCCA drag race!
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1934 Duesenberg Hot Rod - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

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1934 Duesenberg Hot Rod - Jay Leno's Garage

Топовые комментарии:

Marlon Johnson
Marlon Johnson 12.02.2018 06:14
J really wanted that car. You can tell he wasn't joking about offering double of 35k
Лайки: 88
maxxjett films
maxxjett films 12.02.2018 05:40
The car traded in for it went for $35,000. Jay "I'll give you double for it" lol!
Лайки: 89
Motosoul - A Tribute to Old Motorcycles
Motosoul - A Tribute to Old Motorcycles 12.02.2018 05:12
I miss jay in his favorite denims 😫
Лайки: 188
Kris Oluich
Kris Oluich 12.02.2018 05:59
Is it just me or did the owner’s mood change when Jay slid in his offer to buy the family heirloom?
Лайки: 33
nathan case
nathan case 12.02.2018 05:40
They wanted to add more GoPro's but the windshield wasn't big enough.
Лайки: 111
MISTERComaToes 12.02.2018 05:54
Did anyone else notice the Duesy smoking at around 14:06?
Лайки: 49
Cannikin Borne
Cannikin Borne 12.02.2018 05:28
Your film editor makes you sound like a broken record.
Really cool car though.

Лайки: 56
The Disgruntled Mechanic
The Disgruntled Mechanic 12.02.2018 06:22
Love these cars! A local business owner from where I live had a Duesenberg. Thanks Jay!
Лайки: 6
shane dorian
shane dorian 12.02.2018 05:25
Mr. Leno please go back to the denim shirts.
Лайки: 19
Fernando Romero
Fernando Romero 12.02.2018 05:09
Лайки: 2
woomba7 12.02.2018 06:17
i dunno how this gets through the edit, but this isn't the first video where the same stories, explanations, and questions get repeated. I enjoy the content, but seriously, it just drags on when the same stuff repeats
Лайки: 20
R D 12.02.2018 05:12
That car NEEDS the stock headlights
Лайки: 11
Richard Warnock
Richard Warnock 12.02.2018 05:14
Jay that's a piece of fine art
Лайки: 12
Stephen Schafer
Stephen Schafer 12.02.2018 05:40
14:05 that sure looks like smoke. Good thing for that radiator fan
Лайки: 16
Ed Waggoner Sr.
Ed Waggoner Sr. 12.02.2018 06:33
Another great car and a wonderful guest.
Лайки: 7
John A
John A 12.02.2018 07:36
14:07 Overheating 14:20 "It seems to cool OK"
Лайки: 14
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas 12.02.2018 05:08
Man that's cool
Лайки: 13
Shane K
Shane K 12.02.2018 05:15
Hey jay, that's not Johnny Pascucci's Duesenberg is it?, kidding, I got to ride in Johnny's Duesy back in the late 80s
Лайки: 4
trickey dick
trickey dick 12.02.2018 11:22
That's a doozy!
Лайки: 11
Rabit Le Savage Show
Rabit Le Savage Show 12.02.2018 05:30
Il give double that right now... Kidding not kiddding...you can tell leno wants it
Лайки: 10
Luke Jernigan
Luke Jernigan 12.02.2018 05:31
Amazing machine 👍
Лайки: 3
shawoo 12.02.2018 05:18
Will it do a burnout?
Лайки: 6
emdec55 12.02.2018 05:59
What with the repeat questions and answers????
Лайки: 9
Fenster 12.02.2018 05:24
Hey JLG - Love your videos, but the last few videos are still just way to dark and look weird. I dont know what changed, but the previous format/videos were much better.
Лайки: 7
Callen H
Callen H 12.02.2018 05:42
Half the car is engine and the other half is cab
Лайки: 4

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