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Ringbrothers' 1972 AMC Javelin - Jay Leno's Garage. Watch online.

Mike and Jim Ring are back with their latest build for Prestone which boasts an 1,100 horsepower Hellcat engine and a 4.5 liter Whipple supercharger!
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Ringbrothers' 1972 AMC Javelin - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

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Ringbrothers' 1972 AMC Javelin - Jay Leno's Garage

Топовые комментарии:

b 04.02.2018 19:33
Moving front wheels up looks great
Лайки: 76
Herbert Orendorff
Herbert Orendorff 04.02.2018 18:10
Thanks again Jay for another great car video love your work man keep it up
Лайки: 35
Larry Mesneak
Larry Mesneak 05.02.2018 03:15
Jay, you are without a doubt the coolest guy in show business. You are so down to earth. I feel like I know you personally.
Лайки: 28
Hey There
Hey There 04.02.2018 22:35
Wow that’s the nicest car I’ve ever seen I love that front end
Лайки: 27
J C 14.02.2018 21:43
I'll take one.
Лайки: 2
kevinsdb1 04.02.2018 18:11
That thing looks insanely badass!
Лайки: 17
Todd Ole
Todd Ole 04.02.2018 18:51
AMC Dream Machine!
Лайки: 14
Hillbilly Hellion
Hillbilly Hellion 04.02.2018 19:33
I never owned a Javelin or an AMX but I always loved the Underdog American Motors. thanks Jay and the Ring brothers.
Лайки: 11
blu3 X noble
blu3 X noble 04.02.2018 18:53
one of the nicest cars I have ever seen.
Лайки: 8
RotaryPSi 04.02.2018 20:38
that thing is nice af.
Лайки: 8
David Towle
David Towle 04.02.2018 20:03
Very cool car. Still remember my Mother's second husband throwing my brothers and myself around the back seat of a Javelin in the '70's as he did doughnuts in a dirt field. Very cool car then and even cooler now.
Лайки: 8
Game Developer Rex
Game Developer Rex 04.02.2018 18:09
Oddly nice car
Лайки: 3
R D 04.02.2018 17:33
Man I love when Jay truly laughs with a car, if Jay gets a giggle you know it's GOOD
Лайки: 109
Denman Schmid
Denman Schmid 04.02.2018 18:31
It's amazing how well the styling of the Javelin has held up over the years. I wasn't a big AMC fan, but the Javelins and AMX's were pretty cool. The Ring Bros. did a nice job with this one.
Лайки: 5
titanicwhiz 04.02.2018 21:19
Hey Jay if you read this; first of all I'm a huge fan of yours!! I was wondering if you could review the old 1930s car you drive at the very end. Please and thank you!
Лайки: 6
kelly larson
kelly larson 04.02.2018 20:56
I own a 1970 amc hornet sst I bought it new in 1971. It's a number matching car with 13,221 miles on it. 360/4 spd. I still use the original battery.
Лайки: 5
Chunky Rexx
Chunky Rexx 04.02.2018 20:58
Im in love 😍
Лайки: 4
paul starkey
paul starkey 04.02.2018 17:08
True American muscle
Лайки: 96
Mr Everything
Mr Everything 04.02.2018 20:42
Why is it in the post-denim era the color of the picture is always washed out and yellow tinted?
Лайки: 46
Sam Iam
Sam Iam 04.02.2018 20:12
The Ring-a-Ding Bros. Another blaspheme by the Ring-a-Ding Bros, LOL!
Лайки: 4
Derek Stewart
Derek Stewart 04.02.2018 18:06
Man I would have built a modern interpretation of the AMC V8 using an Indy block 500cid, modern whipple blower, easy 950+hp on pump gas and be totally unique, just my opinion, it's a really neat car I just would try to stay true to the brand
Лайки: 2
Nolan Boyer
Nolan Boyer 05.02.2018 05:16
The video is completely dead for me.
Лайки: 3
Harvard Ford
Harvard Ford 05.02.2018 18:01
But my uncle did have a Prestone and it was really fast


Лайки: 2
Boat Axe
Boat Axe 05.02.2018 14:20
A non AMC motor? Sacrilege!
Лайки: 2
inquisitor229 04.02.2018 20:29
A manual gearbox would have allowed any brand to be used.The only technology is the electrical signal between your brain, your hand and your left foot.....
Лайки: 2

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