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1953 Cunningham C3 - Jay Leno's Garage. Watch online.

After 18 months of intense restoration, Jay and team unveil his 1953 Cunningham C3 that is one of only 25 of these cars that were ever produced.
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1953 Cunningham C3 - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

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1953 Cunningham C3 - Jay Leno's Garage

Топовые комментарии:

Doug 19.06.2017 04:07
Love it when you show a car in YOUR collection...seems more personal...Kodos to you and your crew!
Лайки: 309
digitalrailroader 19.06.2017 04:02
The Cunningham is FINALLY FINISHED!!
Лайки: 146
mindeloman 19.06.2017 04:34
I appreciate jay's approach to restoration. what's more fun; restore to show or restore to drive? the addition of the tremic 5 speed is a tastefull addition and doesn't take away from the car.
Лайки: 73
wesley115777 19.06.2017 05:03
Jay, that netting is common in boats for stowage. Considering Cunningham's yachting background, it's not so surprising to see it in his cars.
Лайки: 107
Glenn Turnbull
Glenn Turnbull 19.06.2017 09:21
Jay, just fantastic, thank you. Here in the UK, most private car collections are hidden away and rarely seen in public. So thank you, not just for this video, but for all videos you create - you don't need to do it, but you do, and that benefits all car enthusiasts.
Лайки: 89
RJ Prescott
RJ Prescott 19.06.2017 04:33
I met Briggs at his museum in Coasta Mesa back in 1973 or 74. BLMC had brought the very first MG ever made on loan, and I volunteered to help unload it and move it into the building. Got to talk with him for awhile. An experience I will remember for the rest of my life.
Лайки: 51
Etienne_Diecast 19.06.2017 05:03
Loved the car as much as the history lesson!
Лайки: 24
ThatMink 19.06.2017 04:30
Finally she's done! Congrats Jay, on another great car, another great video!
Лайки: 30
Mark Mouck
Mark Mouck 19.06.2017 14:39
Dear Mr. Leno, I have appreciated the videos you produce about the range of cars in your garage as well as the warmth with which you present those of the guests you host. Your attention to the details of the cars and demonstration of the craftmanship involved in the making of such a library of vehicles makes this channel a rare catalog. I have only one request. I would really like to hear these vehicles start. There's a lot of character in the process and sound of a car starting. From the cranks of the cars before electric starts, to the Dodge starters of the sixties and seventies, to the sound of a two-cylinder bike's kick start or a four cylinder electric start, what you present to the populous and preserve for posterity needs only this aspect. Thank you for not only holding these vehicles for the next generation but making them accessible, by way of dream, to the rest of this one.
Лайки: 27
Vic Vil
Vic Vil 19.06.2017 13:28
when Jay Leno's Garage is about Jay Leno's Garage, the videos are 10 times more entertaining.
Лайки: 19
michaeltk1 19.06.2017 04:15
The Cunningham is beautiful Jay!
Лайки: 19
BWX 19.06.2017 04:08
Tell whoever is editing your vids to PUMP UP THE VOLUME. Same problem as last vids.
Лайки: 347
Bernarr Coletta
Bernarr Coletta 19.06.2017 19:03
Jay, you're great for saving these beautiful cars. You really outdid yourself.

Your restorers are wonderful craftsmen. Please pass along my compliments

Лайки: 3
8IIllD 19.06.2017 04:05
ford gt
Лайки: 16
Marauder252 19.06.2017 04:24
When car i restored by Jay and the big dog garage you know it's done right.
Лайки: 15
Gorilla Gaming
Gorilla Gaming 19.06.2017 04:42
I think he meant it came with 14 inch wheels not 16 inches, so they made replica 15 inch wheels
Лайки: 14
Patrick Pelletier
Patrick Pelletier 19.06.2017 04:02
i was about to say i wished it was the Ford GT but i was hoping to see this aswell. any update on the Volvo restomod?
Лайки: 11
Mark Bender
Mark Bender 19.06.2017 22:58
Jay My dad nd his twin brother had the privilege of working for briggs in the winter of 1949-50. He worked on some ford sprint cars and built fordillacs and a lincollac. HE said Briggs made $33,000 a day back then just off of what he had inherited  from the swift meat packing fortune. HE also said he was a great guy, very personable.  I have often thought of writing an article about his experiences that winter. My father will be 88 this July.   Great job on the restoration.
Лайки: 10
Richard Warnock
Richard Warnock 19.06.2017 11:47
I think Richie Cunningham would definitely enjoy this car AAAAAAA!!!!!
Лайки: 6
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 19.06.2017 14:37
I could never decide which is more interesting, the cars themselves or the people and circumstances associated with
Also, on the past restoration blog, it just struck me in a humorous way how Jay went from his Ford Falcon straight into his Bugatti. It's the extreme diversity of his collection and his interests that are most appealing.
I honestly think he feels as attached to many of his lower valued car as he does to the top ones.
I admire that.

Лайки: 8
icurt06 20.06.2017 01:24
Very cool restoration. The guys who work for you are amazing craftsman!
Лайки: 4
Johnny Yanni
Johnny Yanni 19.06.2017 05:51
Absolutely love this car loved it when u showed us it before the restore u and your guys did a great job but wheels r true looking but spokes would be great also those taillights r so sexy its one of my favorites no bumpers great idea just needs air conditioning and me to own it O i agree with the other guy need the volume kicked up but thanks Jay another great one
Лайки: 6
Two Sheds
Two Sheds 19.06.2017 11:14
Jay,    It looks like you have some amazing guys working with you.  Not just skill-wise but really good guys in general
Лайки: 6
Devin cavanaugh
Devin cavanaugh 19.06.2017 04:01
Love your videos !!!
Лайки: 6

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