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$45,000 BRING A TRAILER Challenge -- AFTER DRIVE. Drive Youtube Channel.

[LINKS BELOW] We've all bought cars on Bring a Trailer. Now we've done our first $$$ challenge on the first site we visit every morning. $45,000 to satisfy all our motoring proclivities, from the past 3 months on BaT. With Michael Prichinello and Zac Moseley from Classic Car Club Manhattan.
The Cars:
Mike P
Mike S
More at The Drive:

Теги: Bring a Trailer, vintage cars, best cars to collect, classic cars, Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo GTV6, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Jeep, Ford F-250, Honda, Honda Beat, BMW 5-Series, BMW, BMW Z4M, BMW 535i, Volvo V70, denwerks, collector cars

$45,000 BRING A TRAILER Challenge -- AFTER/DRIVE

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Carcaine 30.01.2018 21:12
My neighbor just brought me some cake, and now /DRIVE posts one of my favorite series... am I in heaven?
Лайки: 31
Juan Carlos Lang
Juan Carlos Lang 31.01.2018 00:43
Defenitly my favorite show on Youtube...it will be cool if you can invite Matt Farrah to do one game with you
Лайки: 42
West-Berlin-Customs 30.01.2018 22:25
So, jetzt erstmal zu mobile.de 😁
Лайки: 8
Patrick Hanna
Patrick Hanna 30.01.2018 21:40
Anyone else just watching the dog?
Лайки: 57
zuffenhaussen 30.01.2018 23:02
Spinelli this channel needed you back
Лайки: 19
t adams
t adams 31.01.2018 02:31
That Volvo is the shit! His choices were more in line with one of good taste in cars imo. Great vid
Лайки: 6
boostin dominck
boostin dominck 30.01.2018 21:18
best series on youtube
Лайки: 10
AMGmeister 30.01.2018 21:22
M5 E39s and ZCP M3 E46s too expensive now?
Лайки: 12
Jim Bauer
Jim Bauer 30.01.2018 21:29
Autozam Az1 (red), Renault 8 (tan), Porsche 968 6 speed (Red), have $5000 left to fix everything.
Лайки: 6
Lynn Mckenney
Lynn Mckenney 31.01.2018 15:19
Cappuccino > beat, plus, rwd!
Also, is $45,000 a number that most people just "have"? If I did this it would be "how many craigslist projects that run or will run with little work for 2-3k", lol.

Лайки: 3
Sam Merkel
Sam Merkel 31.01.2018 22:47
Dang he got the R wit the 6 speed! And he got it for a steal!
Лайки: 4
Frank Pestello
Frank Pestello 30.01.2018 23:38
I loved my Alfa GTV6 Borocco Edition. Was awesome and a blast to drive. Also had a 79 spyder and a Milano that I upgraded to 227 horses with a piston increase.
Лайки: 4
michael skaff
michael skaff 30.01.2018 22:31
Love this couch!
Лайки: 4
Austin Faxas
Austin Faxas 30.01.2018 22:05
Want to have a fun track car but don't want to have a miata or something everyone has. What to get/build? Video on what you guys would get would be interesting
Лайки: 2
Jim Bauer
Jim Bauer 30.01.2018 21:30
hahaha, I posted mine right before Micheal went, we are too similar (Renault 8)- FYI, that Car came to Austin, TX, so I will get to see it in real life.
Лайки: 3
Corbin Goodwin
Corbin Goodwin 31.01.2018 07:42
I want to believe I inspired Spin to pick a Beat.
Лайки: 2
Juan Carlos Lang
Juan Carlos Lang 31.01.2018 18:35
Michael with the GrandWagoneer won everything !
Лайки: 1
Macoy Pizzuti
Macoy Pizzuti 31.01.2018 04:51
As an owner of a 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 that is a driver not a show car, I couldn't agree more on the sound. It is simply the reason why I love cars. The sound is a symphony of italian noises. The balance of the handling is outstanding. The only downfall is the second gear synchos. You have to double clutch.
Лайки: 3
FGO 30.01.2018 22:18
Лайки: 3
P. OROUR4 31.01.2018 01:53
watching your show as usual.... and.... Zac picked the car I actually bought on BAT ! the 07 Z4 M Coupe. How cool seeing my car in the video.
Лайки: 3
Che1seabluesdrogba11 31.01.2018 23:55
So glad you're doing these again
Лайки: 2
dudeson53 31.01.2018 07:48
Do a no f's given $5,000 challenge!
Лайки: 2
Finnegan McGrath
Finnegan McGrath 31.01.2018 01:22
- 67' 912 $34,000 ; https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1967-porsche-912-coupe-6/
- 80' 924 Turbo for $9000 ; https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1980-porsche-924-turbo-4/
- 71' BSA 650 Lightning A65 Project $2000 ; https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bsa-650-lightening-a-65/

Лайки: 2
Christian 30.01.2018 22:25
early 2000 toyota tacoma and c6 zo6 with a few thousand left for mods on the z
Лайки: 2
bremms1 31.01.2018 03:04
Had three Busso V-6's ABOSOLUTELY the best sounding V6 of all time
Лайки: 2

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