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Here's What To Expect on /DRIVE on NBC Sports This Season. Drive Youtube Channel.

A quick look at the seven episodes of /DRIVE on NBC Sports this season. Watch it Thursday nights at **NEW TIME** 9:00pm ET starting October 19 on NBC Sports Network.

Теги: Acura NSX, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lamborghini Countach, Camaro ZL1, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Chris Harris, Matt Farah, Mike Spinelli

Here's What To Expect on /DRIVE on NBC Sports This Season

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EverydayDriver 12.10.2017 17:00
Looks great, guys!
Лайки: 4
njshift 12.10.2017 14:15
What a fucking lineup. Some of my favorite auto journalists. Matt, Roy, Chris and Mike. About time!
Лайки: 20
Kalle Vihavainen
Kalle Vihavainen 12.10.2017 15:37
How BBC is letting Harris do /DRIVE?
Лайки: 16
syco133 12.10.2017 14:22
To bad it's on nothing but crap channel
Лайки: 11
Pariahwulfen 12.10.2017 18:14
This...this looks like a proper 'MURICAN Top Gear, because the most important part was the chemistry between the hosts.
Лайки: 6
Jason Sohn
Jason Sohn 12.10.2017 15:09
WHOLY SMOKES! The /DRIVE crew together!
Лайки: 6
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 12.10.2017 16:53
Top Gear for those with a learning disability
Лайки: 4
Marcel O
Marcel O 12.10.2017 14:10
To bad I probably cant watch it in the Netherlands :(
Лайки: 3
spekhugger 13.10.2017 03:11
Can someone pirate the shit out of all the DRIVE contet on NBC, so us from EU can see it aswell?
Лайки: 3
Benzintrinker 12.10.2017 20:44
You will never be top Gear no matter how much you want it, however i still belive you can be something great, not as great as top gear but still great....
Лайки: 1
nopenopenope 13.10.2017 00:53
can this not be uploaded onto YouTube for European viewers??
Лайки: 1
Gamma Light
Gamma Light 13.10.2017 04:59
I don't get the 6 feathered peacock channel :(((
Лайки: 0
fxtfusion 12.10.2017 14:03
will there be a way to watch online?
Лайки: 10
Hks 123
Hks 123 10.11.2017 19:55
This should be Top Gear America...show looks awesome.
Лайки: 1
chebly 12.10.2017 14:01
Looks like its guna be a fun one
Лайки: 1
Desy 02.01.2018 19:10
So taking the Top Gear/Gran Tour approach here? Good luck.
Лайки: 0
Uomo Colto
Uomo Colto 20.12.2017 18:47
1. Can we please stop with the Top Gear copied themes of automotive shows? 2. That EV episode was annoying as it seemed to validate that electric car's are the answer and never fully explains the energy costs of producing and the total cost of that vehicles lifecycle as well as the toxic issues of batteries. Other than that I love the team because I have been watching them for years on other channels. So please stop the skits and just deep dive into the cars and the yes and no's of them.
Лайки: 0
Morphasella 24.11.2017 15:57
i can forget top gear and the most lovely fifth gear. welcome /drive
Лайки: 0
nitroxize 20.11.2017 11:49
The gang returns!
Лайки: 0
Alex Korda
Alex Korda 20.10.2017 12:40
How can we get this in Canada? thx
Лайки: 0
Rick Rocha
Rick Rocha 14.10.2017 06:36
Hmmm what happened the last time you presented this exact idea 6 years ago, it flopped in less than 3 yrs due to an account of things like that didn't make sense for the drive channel
Лайки: 0
Pedro Macário
Pedro Macário 14.10.2017 00:09
is it possible to watch if you're outside the USA?
Лайки: 0
Jose C.
Jose C. 13.10.2017 10:43
Mom look at me! I'm Jeremy Clarkson!
Лайки: 0
Olsfen1 13.10.2017 04:39
unfortunately I don't think I have a way of watching it legally in Canada
Лайки: 0
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 13.10.2017 04:00
Weird how Top Gear is letting Chris Harris do Drive?! But i'm ready for some Chris and Matt together it's gonna be awesome ! :)
Лайки: 0

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