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This year for the Rock Bouncer Ultra4 shootout they changed things up a bit. They moved the location from the famous BackDoor to a new hill that was a little easier but still provided great entertainment. Unfortuntaley the dust was pretty bad so the footage isn't the greatest but we did the best we could. Sit back and watch all of the Awesome action that took place.
1st Place: Ryan Webb: 16.48 SRRS
2nd Place: Bobby Tanner: 16.73 SRRS
3rd Place: Jason Gray: 17.39 Ultra4
4th Place: Adam Ringer: 18.93 SRRS
5th Place: Brian Trempe: 19.40 SRRS
6th Place: Justin Haft: 19.64 SRRS
7th Place: Joe Pierce: 19.82 SRRS
8th Place: Cash LeCroy: 20.07 SRRS
9th Place: Chris Kaufman: 20.35 Ultra4
10th Place: Jason Bartram: 20.59 Ultra4

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Matt Scruggs
Matt Scruggs 06.02.2018 16:56
Awesome footage as always hope I can take my family here to see live one year! waaay more dusty seems like tho
Лайки: 3
james thomas
james thomas 07.02.2018 05:19
Cash puts the biggest frikin smile on me every time I see him race
Лайки: 5
R -
R - 06.02.2018 17:47
Can't see the results ffs lol
Лайки: 6
RC Fun Everyday
RC Fun Everyday 06.02.2018 18:43
Just wondering if anyone knows, what the name is of that first truck to run, the white body with minimal looking cage?
Лайки: 0
Deep South
Deep South 06.02.2018 17:12
I could tell that was Agnes was coming before she turned the corner LOL
Лайки: 2
blackmetalchevy 07.02.2018 00:01
Best video I've seen today!!!
Лайки: 1
Derek Shaw
Derek Shaw 07.02.2018 20:21
What were the final results? Couldn't see them due to popups for other videos.
Лайки: 1
c_alright 06.02.2018 21:05
Plum Buck came in a little to hot.
Лайки: 1
Keep-N-up W/Jones'
Keep-N-up W/Jones' 07.02.2018 13:38
Great footage Cole
Лайки: 1
Maine Man
Maine Man 07.02.2018 18:20
It's about time Joe Peirce got back in a video!
Лайки: 1
Vince Fairleigh
Vince Fairleigh 07.02.2018 04:29
The first truck Jessy did it with the most finesse hands down.
Лайки: 0
Brandon Van Dulken
Brandon Van Dulken 13.02.2018 00:56
That smaller buggy with the 4 banger near the beginning was so impressive. Barely spun the tires, and quick. Says a lot about weight and obviously amazing driving! This event rules.
Лайки: 1
Steven Barnett
Steven Barnett 07.02.2018 11:09
If you're going to cover a competition then post the times of each run at the bottom of the video or at the end or something. Anything really. Hell, let the announcer say the time.
Лайки: 0
beattospectoyota 10.02.2018 10:24
LOCALS ONLY ,I live in cali,been every year,ill save u a seat
Лайки: 1
Bwood4x4 10.02.2018 05:06
Awesome footage! I watched the live feed of this event and this is so much better. Good job dude
Лайки: 0
Adam 09.02.2018 23:44
Where's hill 2?
Лайки: 0
BionicForester19 09.02.2018 08:51
Yet again, madram11 takes the trophy. You guys have a FAR better POV than HammerKing/Ultra4.
Y'all rock. 🤙

Лайки: 0
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 07.02.2018 06:56
Лайки: 0
mytmousemalibu 07.02.2018 05:51
Dammit man, you covered up the finish results at the end! Can't see shit! Can ya get rid of that or at least put the finishing places in the descrip?
Лайки: 0
Richard Panek
Richard Panek 07.02.2018 00:43
They should have had the live feed camera set up where you were instead of way far away your perspective was way better
Лайки: 0
John Work
John Work 06.02.2018 23:54
Oh Yeah
Лайки: 0
IgnisMan 06.02.2018 19:50
this is a real man's Playground ^^
Лайки: 0
gonzalo ayala
gonzalo ayala 06.02.2018 18:46
Excelentes tus videos. Segui asi... desde mendoza argentina
Лайки: 0
grandprismatic 06.02.2018 17:25
Sweet footage Matt
Лайки: 0
Eric Laney
Eric Laney 06.02.2018 17:22
Glad bobby tanner is off to a good start this year
Лайки: 0

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