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Byton Concept electric SUV ride review - exclusive ride and tech demo at CES. Auto Express.

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The surprise car star at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas came from a brand few had ever heard of before – Byton. This Chinese start-up - headed by former BMW man Carsten Breitfeld - showed its SUV concept, the production version of which will rival electric cars from established makers as well as relative newbies such as Polestar and, of course, Tesla. It’s due on sale in 2019 with a $45,000 (£33,240) price tag but, so how is it shaping up? We find out…
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Byton Concept electric SUV ride review - exclusive ride and tech demo at CES

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Steamin Steven
Steamin Steven 12.01.2018 15:43
Okay, who else thinks the less distraction is better when driving....
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ACS607 12.01.2018 16:55
Wake up look at my phone screen, watch the morning news on the TV screen, get into my Byton and stare at my screen until i get to the office. Stare at my screen to check my phone messages. At the office i stare at my screen as i do some work on my PC. On my lunch i break i stare at my phone screen to check messages. Then back to my pc to stare at my screen until home time. Home time, stare at my screen to check my messages before getting into my Byton to stare at screens whilst i drive to the gym. At the gym i stare at my phone screen to catch up on a tv series as use the treadmill. Then i get changed and check my phone again before driving home in my Byton staring at the screens. I get home put the tv on and stare at its screen. Then i decide to go to bed but stare at the screen to check my phone messages before i fall asleep and then same again next day. Anyone else think that we're beginning to stare at too many screens in our daily lives?
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Gil Moskovich
Gil Moskovich 12.01.2018 15:40
Newsflash ... Citroen made the same thing with the steering wheel back in 2004 with the c4 . That is not unique
Лайки: 29
showme morefunthings
showme morefunthings 12.01.2018 17:49
Please stop promoting vehicles that are loaded with distractions. Even vehicles with touch screens are a problem. Give us knobs that I can feel without looking.
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Muhammad Irsyad
Muhammad Irsyad 12.01.2018 23:59
So, it is basically a smartphone with a wheel? Also where is the driver side airbag is located?
Лайки: 10
Mick Psyphon
Mick Psyphon 12.01.2018 22:30
There are so many reasons why i would NOT even consider purchasing this vehicle:
1. The Chinese automotive industry has a disastrous safety record... one of the worst on the planet. Not to forget... quality control is laughable.

2. There are far too many distractions on that dashboard panel! Forget it! Recipe for death.

3. Electric vehicles are the worst thing for the environment! Yes! I said it! We have relatively few of them on the road now, but just imagine millions of them on the road, in your country. Now imagine where the get all their electricity to power up the batteries? It doesn't come from mid-air! You're looking a mostly (by a wide margin) coal-burning power plants... not the existing ones, but the new ones that they need to build to keep up with the capacity. That means MORE pollutants being pumped into the air, because all the eco-warrior nuts are vitriolically against "Clean Burning Coal Power Plants". (No idea why! Must be $$$) Which leads me to the next point about electric power vehicles.... the cost of electricity will necessarily skyrocket, when the capacity goes up.

4. Did you listen to the sound inside that car, as it accelerated on a smooth rooftop? That vehicle is nothing but a shell of a concept. It's mostly empty; and likely couldn't pass any regulatory tests in any Western developed nation. The electric engine didn't sound too great, either. Why so much noise? It should be much quieter

I could go on, but this car is far from being available to our market.

Лайки: 10
Bertie G
Bertie G 13.01.2018 19:09
This is why I like the Renault Twizy. Why on earth will I ever need to know about my sleep patterns whilst at the wheel. We are stepping away from the most basic concept of transportation. Getting from A to B, cheaply, fast and safe. There is a lot of technology on this concept car that one doesn't need while driving.
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Василий Уткин
Василий Уткин 12.01.2018 15:36
Looks like Faraday Future
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Steve Edward
Steve Edward 12.01.2018 18:35
I remember the days when my car had nothing more than a radio. I bet we're gonna have an intergrated microwave and stove in our cars by 2030.
Лайки: 4
naywahn 16.01.2018 22:59
"...Chinese start-up - headed by former BMW man..."
Are any cars designed or manufactured in their own countries anymore?!

Лайки: 1
benimsayfam1000 12.01.2018 15:49
One question I was waiting for went unanswered! What is the range????
Лайки: 1
ONYXRADX 08.02.2018 18:52
ok the tablet on the steering wheel i get but not the stupid unresponsive gesture input which is a crash trap :D unless the car can drive itself while youre middle fingering/squirting the sensor to connect you with Jena/Sandy/Mandy.... you get the picture right
Лайки: 1
Johan Göstasson
Johan Göstasson 12.01.2018 19:16
Is it a car or a tablet on wheels?
Лайки: 3
kevin n
kevin n 14.01.2018 14:39
That steering wheel tablet is simply idiotic.  I'm also not sold on the idea of gesture control.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think that screen is too big.  I like that it's one extended screen, but I think the screen could end before going behind the steering wheel.  Then they could bring a more advanced HUD display for driver centric info. Augmented Reality type HUD systems are coming very soon.  The tech has been worked on for quite some time.  

The exterior design is reasonably nice & if they can actually bring it to NA at the price point they are talking about, it's going to be a big seller.  I just hope it drives nicely.  I still like driving thank you.

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Neumonic Videos
Neumonic Videos 12.01.2018 15:37
Лайки: 15
airrodgers 16.03.2018 15:27
the gesture input say they new into making car lol... try doing that while driving..
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louis beer reviews and real ales Carft beer
louis beer reviews and real ales Carft beer 06.03.2018 16:36
Looks ugly
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Gerard Short
Gerard Short 05.03.2018 11:28
Try driving with all that screen glare. Whatever happened to the old ways?
Лайки: 0
Nev 12.02.2018 11:15
Can you just have an aquarium or space vid playing on the screen instead of that communication carry on. Or how about a leather dash board and just a Ipad type screen, like that other EV car company have.
Лайки: 0
Nana 07.02.2018 16:23
I want one!!!!
Лайки: 0
jm watches
jm watches 07.02.2018 03:18
The Chinese can't even master the ICE car! This concept seems confined to impressing people in parking lots.
Лайки: 0
arjun samuel
arjun samuel 04.02.2018 07:43
Great stuff mate, but you try and make a call using gestures whilst driving, or change a song without taking your eyes off the road
Лайки: 0
Harris Palmer
Harris Palmer 23.01.2018 03:00
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Sam48 19.01.2018 19:26
Nice but only tesla have a supercharger network. Until there's something comparable from another maker I wouldn't consider anything else.
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Not Politically Correct
Not Politically Correct 17.01.2018 03:41
Communist Cars just like Communism
It never works

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